The big decision

    Purchasing a property is an important decision for most people, often associated with a major financial investment. If the purchase takes place in a foreign country where law, taxes and charges are different, the process and the consequences following the purchase may be irreversible.

    The procedure – 3 steps

    To uncover legalities and taxation, we recommend all buyers to seek advice from a competent local lawyer and possibly an accountant. However the cost of the purchase itself can be calculated using the following 3 steps:

    1. To reserve the property a purchaser needs to pay a reservation deposit of minimum €6 000. As soon as this payment is made, the conveyancing process can start. If the agreed conditions are not met by the vendor, the reservation deposit will be refunded. However, the deposit will not be refunded if the purchaser withdraws from the agreement.
    2. Shortly after, a Private Sale Contract is signed. Upon the signing of this contract, a deposit of 10% of the purchase price is paid. During this period, the conveyance process is carried out. For a newly built project, the conditions are subject to changes as further part payment might occur.
    3. The final transfer of ownership is carried out in a Notary Office within an agreed time schedule. Usually, this is one month after the signing of the Private Sales Contract. Conditions may differ for new developments.

    The cost

    The cost involved in buying a Spanish property is approximately between 10% – 15% of the purchase price:

    • Transfer Tax resales: 8%-10% (depends on purchase price 8%; < 400k, 9%; 400-700k and 10%; > 700k). Transfer Tax new development: 10%. Ask for further details
    • Notary Fees: 1%
    • Lawyers Fees: 1%
    • Connect amenities: upon number
    • Mortgage Fees 1% – 2%
    • “In addition, VAT will be payable, where applicable

    Property calculator

    In the form below you can calculate an estimate of the purchase costs. Please note that these guide figures are only provided for initial guidance and purely for indicative information purposes. Buyers can be provided with the actual figures appropriate to their purchase at the time of their acquisition.


    Do you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly