Sellers guide & fees

Accurate price

The most important starting point in the sales strategy is to price the property correctly. Our team will assist you and will consider all factors when listing your property.


Nordica Estates will prepare any marketing materials, conduct the viewings at your property and guide you through any negotiations.


The standard sales commission of a residential property on the Costa del Sol is 5% + VAT. Nordica Estates uses our own network and several multi-listing web portals to give your property the best possible exposure.

Once you decide to put your property on the market, Nordica Estates will do its best to achieve the best price possible.


The taxes from any property sale are determined by your status:

Foreigners/Non-Residents are required to pay 19% of the profit from the sale of their property (sales price minus purchase price, transaction fees and refurbishment cost) capital gains tax. A withholding tax of 3% is accordingly withheld from the vendor at the point of sale, and the final balance of tax payable/reclaimable is settled by the vendor on submitting form 210, within a further two months.

Residents  are required to pay between 19%-23% tax on the profits from the sale (capital gains tax). Rollover relief may appear.

Plus valia Tax is based on the increase in the value of your land from the date you bought it to the date you sell it and is calculated by your local Town Hall.

At any time we recommend our clients to take professional advice from a suitably qualified local Tax or Legal advisor regarding any tax liability arising from a sale.

Selling of a property does not need to be complicated and our professional team will help you complete this process as smoothly as possible. 

Any questions?

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