No matter if you are resident or non-resident, constant maintenance of your property is essential to both avoid large unforeseen repairs, but also to attract potential rental clients and maintain a potential high resale value. By using our property management service your property will remain in tip-top condition upon selecting any of our available services.

    For this purpose Nordica Estates use in-house staff and if necessary the best and most reliable tradesmen to carry out maintenance on your property leaving you without concerns. To keep you updated any visits to your property will be documented by a visit report and if needed, pictures and videos forwarded.

    Nordica Estates have structured a range of additional services that are available:

    AC & Inverter

    Air conditioning is the process of removing heat from the interior of an occupied space, to improve the comfort of occupants. Air conditioning can be used in both domestic and commercial environments.

    Inverters work basically the same way only it’s more price efficient and eco-friendly.
    In a warm Marbella climate, air conditioning is considered essential in the warm summer months and might come in handy during winter as well for heating.

    We have excellent connections within the air-conditioning & inverter industry and can put you in direct contact with a service provider. Contact us here for more info.


    Alarm & cctv
    Feeling safe is important to most people. Installing an alarm system or a full security system in your home or vacation unit might be a smart move in order to keep the property safe and monitored 24/7.

    CCTV might also be a smart choice if you want to keep an eye on your property while you’re away or if you just want it monitored continuously. When configured correctly these systems can be managed very easily by anyone with the right access and no technical knowledge is required.

    We have excellent connections when it comes to alarm and CCTV companies and can put you in direct contact with a service provider. Contact us here for more info.

    Are you in need of awning services? We can put you in direct contact with professionals specialising in both commercial and residential awnings. Available in both fixed and retractable styles, the beautiful fabrics will enhance your outdoor decor. Contact us here for more info.
    car rental & registration
    Do you need a cheap rental car for your vacation, a premium car only for a few days while on a business trip or a big van for transportation? We can put you in direct contact with various companies depending on budget and requirements. Contact us here for more info.
    Are you in the need of regular cleaning of your home, rental unit, office etc. or are you selling or renting out your property and want it fully cleaned? We have excellent contacts when it comes to all sorts of cleaning services, ironing, window cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning.

    The standard rate starts from €12 / person per hour. Contact us here for more info.

    Are you looking to freshen up your home with a totally new interior or have you recently acquired a vacation home you need to furnish to your liking? We know of good home stylists and interior designers that can give you some advice or totally transform your property giving it a new look without you needing to lift a finger. Contact us here for more info.
    Are you in the need of a gardener to look after and maintain your property on a regular basis or when you’re away?

    We can put you in direct contact with professional gardeners in various areas so you can sit back and relax while they look after your garden. Contact us here for more info.

    Glass Curtains
    Frameless glass bi-folding doors are designed to fit together without the ugly obstruction of a frame, creating a beautiful, open feel to your room, as if there is nothing there at all. Whether you want to bring more light into your room, to enjoy your garden from the ease of your home, or to open up an office meeting room; if you’re looking for a way to break down the barrier between the inside and the outside, then innovative frameless glazing is perfect for you.

    We have excellent connections within the glass curtain industry whether you’re looking for interior or exterior frameless glass doors. Contact us here for more info.


    Do you have something that is broken or need help with something you don’t have time for or can’t manage yourself? Then a handyman is the perfect solution.

    We know several dedicated handymen along the coast that are on standby waiting for your call. Contact us here for more info.

    internet & TV
    Are you in need of internet or TV solutions? We know the best solutions available on the coast and can put you in direct connection with professional companies that provide great services at an economical cost.

    There are several good options for either combined internet & TV or separate solutions. Contact us here for more info.

    moving & transportation
    Do you need help moving your furniture or other content locally around the coast, are you moving to a different city or country?

    We know several companies specializing in both local and international transport services suitable for every need. Contact us here for more info.

    transfer & airport shuttle

    Do you need transport back and forth to the airport while on holiday or are you going somewhere and need a chauffeur? There are a lot of options when it comes to different transferring services along the coast and getting from A to B doesn’t necessarily need to cost a lot. Contact us here for more info.


    Do you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly